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Compaction Grouting

Compaction Grouting

Compaction Grouting


The method of Static Grouting is based on the injecting of a low mobility mortar into the soil so that the injected mixture does not flow through the soil and remains concentrated around the injection point. This mortar is injected at a pressure of up to 40 bar and with a settlement on the Abrams cone of less than 8 cm, allowing for correct densification. The injected material fills the gaps and compacts or stabilises the soil surrounding the area treated. The mortar cement then sets to give it resistance and hardness. The soil must be displaced during injection without breaking its structure.

1. Installation of the grouting piping
The boring is drilled using rotary or rotary-percussion equipment depending on the characteristics of the soil.

2. Compactation Grouting
The mortar is prepared in the mixer and injected by pressure into the soil using a specific pump for this type of work. Meanwhile, the grouting piping is gradually inserted or withdrawn, creating a column made up of almost round bulbs that join together.

3. Compactation by phases
To ensure uniform soil compactation, grouting is worked onto a primary and then a secondary mesh. In the case of localised treatment, the grouting is worked at the points and with the gradients defined by the calculation.

Applications of Compactation Grouting. Types

Soil improvement
Improvement of soil with low supporting capacity, increasing its relative density. Compacting of non-cohesive soils, especially those with low or medium density with alternating hard or cemented layers. It can be used as an alternative or in addition to pile foundations or soil improvements using gravel columns.

Foundation stabilising and sheetpiles
Increasing or restoring the supporting capacity of the soil underneath existing foundations, e.g. in the event of an incre se in excess load or to repair damage produced by settlements. This technical is an alternative to the Jet Grouting procedure and/or can be used as a preliminary treatment to apply Jet Grouting and Fracturation Grouting. Recovery of or increse in the supporting capacity along the shaft or the point of existing deep foundations.

Cavity filling
In very porous, eroded soils or those with cavities, e.g. in landfill areas that have not been sufficiently compacted, areas affected by karstification, soil damaged by the breakage ofwater pipes, etc.