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Compensation Grouting

Compensation Grouting

Compensation Grouting


Concept and characteristics

By using this process, fractures are created in the soil that are subsequently filled with cement grouting. Any formation in the soil can be improved by grouting and may controlled.


1. Installation of the hose and inserting of the sheath
Piles are also used to protect digging in the supporting of soil. Depending on the characteristics of the soil to be retained, they are set apart at a tangent and even secant piles.

2. Soil breakage
In order to inject the suspension, a double shutter is inserted that separates each of the hose pipes during grouting.

3. Multiple grouting
The hose pipes can be inserted one or several times, depending on the technical requirements. The volume of grouting, the maximum grouting pressure and, in the case of repetitive grouting, the grouting speed are kept in line with instructions. The hoses pipes can be reused.


Restoring foundations
The footing and subsoils form part of the foundations of a structure. Over time, both can fail for different reasons. This is often the case in historic buildings. In the case of excessive settlements, compensation grouting is a suitable process for restoring the link between the base of the structure and the supporting soil.

Elevating Structures
The settlement of structures can be solved using the compensation grouting. Depending on the condition of the building and the soil, the speed of elevation can be adapted to each case. Partial and precise elevation within the range of millimetres is combined and added to total elevation within a range of decimetres, without damaging the structure. Structures are normally lifted without impeding their use.

Protecting Structures
To protect structures from foreseeable settlement during the construction of a tunnel, ranges of horizontal hoses are to be installed from temporary shafts between the tunnel vault and the foundations of the building. The building to be protected will be fitted with an electronic measuring system to record vertical movements.


Compaction Grouting
September 2009 - March 2012

Tunnel Schumann Josaphat Brussels (Belgium).